Past Projects


Casaday House Rehabilitation Project

The Casaday House located at 321 W. Michigan Street was built circa 1863 for George Miller. It was sold to the Casaday Family in 1905 and stayed in the family until Historic New Carlisle, Inc. purchased it in 2004. When the house went on the market, Historic New Carlisle, Inc. was concerned that with it being in such a state of disrepair, it might get turned into a rental home or be torn down and replaced with a new house. In fulfilling its mission of preserving historic structures that make our community unique, HNC purchased the house with a loan from Indiana Landmarks and rehabilitated the home and sold with protective covenants. BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS


Tree Reforestation Program

One of its first activities, Historic New Carlisle, Inc. began its tree reforestation project with a tree survey in 1991 with the first tree being planted in 1993. The group worked with the Gleaner Mill Creek Arbor who donated money and provided additional manpower to plant maple trees in New Carlisle tree lawns. Over 65 trees have been planted over the years.